Mar 092012

The operational function of social media is to actually convert the web interface into a more interactive experience for users. Essentially, this means allowing viewers the liberty to share content with friends and followers. This content may range from personal information to photographs. One can also keep in touch with friends, family, and followers in this manner. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have led to a growing trend of social media.

Initially, social media was perceived by some businesses as an eager upstart that would not be potentially competitive. However, as is evident, this phenomenon did not take time to burgeon in popularity and its potential in conveniently sharing information was not only acknowledged, but also readily accepted. As far as the domain of marketing is concerned, social media is a promising prospect for businesses and companies as it enables them to reach out to large scores of people and promote one’s initiatives. This has also helped expand the advertising methodologies and consequently, one now sees promotional campaigns taking the support of this medium to project their developments, products, and initiatives. Especially for small businesses which cannot allot a substantial amount of revenue to marketing using conventional methods which involved a lot of expenditure, social media is particularly gratifying. It allows these small scale businesses to promote themselves through social networking sites which do not require any capital investment.

The Cost of Social Media

The traditional meaning of advertising would conjure images of commercials or billboards. Admittedly, these conventional advertising tactics required an exorbitant amount of money. One can also view the potential advantage of promotional advertising in the wealth of companies who market their products under a specially formulated logo or brand. However, it is not necessary to conform to such strategies because social media provides one with more convenient communication means. Evidently, this shift towards social media has led to a ramification in advertising tactics and helped evolve an easy-to-use tactic. Henceforth, one can promote their business and products for free and without spending a hoard of money on billboards and commercials.

Sharing Information

In order to utilise the functionality of social media in the best manner, one should have a marketing blueprint which would provide them a rough idea about the strategy that one would follow. Whether one’s strategy includes sharing news about one’s company, posting video ads, or publicizing one’s products, social media helps in achieving that target.

In order to create shareable information packages, one must only share articles that are concise because generally people are not inclined towards reading long and monotonous articles. Therefore, it would be a good idea to share articles that are not only short but also tend to convey the attractive features to the audience.

In a similar stream, the functionality of search engine optimization enables one to attract a larger crowd. This can be achieved by optimizing one’s fan page or group by including commonly searched keywords. This increases the visibility of one’s fan page or group to web users and consequently, helps expedite the advertising campaign.

Particularly, when using the social media as a form of advertising medium, one must be particular about the tone of the information. In case of articles, one must ideally use a less formal and more conversational tone which would appeal to the average web user. Instead of using third person narratives, it would help to use a more subjective tone. Also it must be noted that in case of social media the target audience is very diverse. Therefore, the content must be comprehensible by everyone. If one intends to use video sites such as YouTube, the video must be in an entertaining narrative which would make it stand out from the rest of the videos.

Although there are several other ways to promote one’s business, social media happens to be the most convenient of them all. In addition to being free of cost, this method of advertising helps one to reach out to a vast audience. Therefore, one can justify the shift from commercial ads and billboards to the use of social media as a viable marketing strategy.

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  1. First I would like to conclude that one have to accept that however sexy social networking is as a trade, there MUST be a set of measurable KPI’s that are strongly aligned to ones business objectives, like any other organisation that operates with the web being a channel of theirs. Hereby concluding that KPI’s are meant to be acted on and not just reported on. Most of the social networking sites that I have been working with somehow work to optimize the following two business objectives.

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