Jun 102012

Search Engine Optimization Process or SEO is the process which looks to improve the ranking of your website on a search engine on the basis of a specific keyword.

The first thing to understand about SEO is that the whole process is a machine/software regulated one. You can have a very attractive website, full of beautiful animations and all and can still not get ranked because your content is unintelligible to the software. Search engines like Google or Bing use spiders/crawlers (googlebot, msnbot, yahoo slurp) to rank websites. These are actually complex softwares which read the coding of the websites and then their specific algorithms decide on the subject of the website/webpage and the relevance of the displayed content through their knowledge of already crawled and ranked sites.

How to make Google visit your site:

You can submit the url of your website directly to Google. This is an old and the simplest method. But this does not help you much in terms of getting a good ranking. Submitting your web address directly to a search engine amounts to telling the crawler that your site is not very interesting or high on popularity to have other sites linking to or talking about it. Hence it is better to try the following method.

A more effective method:

When a spider pays a visit to your website or any other indexed website, it automatically follows all the other links that have been directed to your site. This way, you can have many spiders visit your website and subsequently, your site will be taken into consideration.

After your site has been generously crawled, the search engine will start the process of indexing it which means the search engine will store your website information on its servers and databases and will assign your site to a number of relevant search strings or keywords. The ultimate ranking of a particular website involves a very many number of factors including content and structure of your site, keyword density, keyword relevance, outgoing/incoming links, domain age, meta tags and several others.

Search Engine Optimization Process involves two main phases: onsite and offsite optimization.

SEO is not an exact or precise science. The algorithms which determine a site’s ranking undergoes a constant change. The coding techniques and the process of sorting information evolve in a dizzying speed and this, in turn, makes current search engine optimization methods constantly obsolete and outdated.

SEO, in fact, is a constant and laborious process. One needs to keep up to the changing techniques and must always keep updating his knowledge of optimization techniques through researching latest algorithm updates and trends.

The process is in fact so complex that not even the inside employees of Google, MSN or Yahoo can provide a website a promised ranking. As regards SEO techniques, opinions abound and we, for our part, pay heed to all of them. Our strategy looks to take stock of all the latest SEO trends and techniques with a view to provide your websites sustained good rankings.

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