Mar 092011

1) You will see SEO results in only a few weeks: Obtaining top placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing for a competitive keywords like divorce lawyer, or personal injury lawyer cannot be achieved overnight. Simply building a website and optimizing it will not place your site on page 1 in Google; it has to be constantly optimized and adjusted for months. Your search engine placement also depends on who else is optimizing for the same keyword terms and seeking the same precious Internet real estate that your law firm is. Any Internet marketing company that promises you that a proper website design will have hundreds of hits and rank number 1 on Google for a competitive keywords in a matter of weeks, is building up your expectations and stretching the truth.

2) Buying back-links will boost your sites SEO efforts: Incoming links are an important factor in ranking your pages and determining how your website is ranked in search engines. But, buying these links from the wrong place, like a “link farm,” can actually damage your websites reputation and eventually it’s ranking. Once Google catches on to your “link spamming,” the search engine can penalize your website and greatly diminish its ranking.

3) Use of Duplicate Content: Original content is more important than ever. Creating relevant and original content on your website will boost your SEO efforts, and help make your site an authority on the Web.

4) Use as many SEO keywords as you can: Yes, it is important to use keywords but there should only be one keyword per page.Be careful not to overstuff your content with the keywords. If you try to put keywords in unnatural spots, or use them too many times, Google may catch on and actually penalize you for it. This is called “keyword stuffing.”

5) RSS feeds: RSS news articles have proven especially effective because if set up correctly they can be very relevant to the site, thus boosting your law firm’s SEO efforts. Remember to keep your law firm’s content original as possible and relevant, using keywords only where appropriate.

Above all, if an SEO company is promising you quick results and top placement on search engines in a matter of weeks at a low, low price, you should beware. Like the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

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