Aug 252012

Optimization Techniques

optimization techniquesSearch engine optimization has become enormously complex and arcane, and average business owners just want to attract more customers without learning all the gritty details, so more people turn to professional help such as that provided by SEO Does Matter Inc. Many people view optimization techniques (SEO) as mysterious voodoo or consider the attempt to impress search engine robots as the modern equivalent of medieval alchemy. At a basic level, black-hat (unethical) and white-hat (ethical) techniques change over time, and acceptable practices blur clear lines of separation depending on communities, industries, and regulations of the search engine companies.

Marketers criticize black-hat techniques that clearly violate both the spirit and intention of regulations because they make difficulties for consumers honestly looking for helpful information. However, some black-hat techniques help customers find businesses that really provide the services they need. Companies have rights to promote their products and services, but deciding where to draw the line becomes difficult. Unethical practices might cause damage to reputations, loss of any search engine returns, and PR nightmares.

The purest white-hat techniques follow all regulations implicitly, but these methods take a long time to show results. Following white-hat practices businesses follow the rules, but automation can work in good and bad ways. Communities define what they consider ethical, and search engines eventually adjust their algorithms to match these standards. In fact, Google+ actually seeks to create artificial intelligence and employs AI researchers to advance its capabilities in this area.

Of course, spamming social networks just does not work. Great content depends on great products or having genuine supporters who passionately promote products, services, or ways of living. The real white hats find or commission this type of passion to benefit business because profit serves as the Holy Grail for supporters of both sides. Black hat does not necessarily deceive searchers but only attempts to persuade customers that certain companies meet their needs.

Some white-hat supporters suggest that legitimate companies never need black-hat techniques. Black-hat advocates claim that the best mix of SEO techniques straddles the border of acceptability to get immediate results while laying foundations for future growth. Regardless, clients should study what works best on each social media site to deliver what clients want instead of trying to cheat the system.

Companies like SEO Does Matter Inc. help deliver better rankings while following client instructions and observing search engine ethical rules and accepted practices. Contact us about our optimization techniques for your business success!

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