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May 222013
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization



I was recently asked to do an SEO Review, in most cases this is about the same for all websites.  A quick review of how many pages are indexed in Google and what the title tags are will give you enough information to know where the website stands.



Here are some changes that could be made to most any site that would help it rank better in Google. Here are a few improvements;

  • Get all your pages indexed in Google (in this case only your home page was in google)
  • All pages should have unique Meta Titles and Descriptions
  • Use keywords (words people are searching for) in your Meta titles (meta titles are one of the more important things to google and should be done based on research.
  • Meta keyword tags are not used by any search engine i know of, I would remove them from the site (it is actually a sign of really old seo process)
  • Write clear compelling descriptions for each page (should only be 160 character)
  • Add an xml sitemap (this is for search engines)
  • Submit the xml site to google and bing
  • Add an html sitemap for human visitors
  • Add a robots.txt file (to point search engines to the xml sitemap
  • Add a unique page title using
  • headline tags with good keywords, for example, Missing persons should be Missing Persons los angeles. (there are 58 searches a month for Missing Persons los angeles)
  • Add calls to action to each page, above the fold in bold red (We can take care of your fraud investigation, call us now!)
  • Add a blog to the site so you can add content on a regular basis that will show Google that you are an authority in your field.
  • Build Social Media sites (Facebook business, Google plus business, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter)
  • Add button on your site to the social media sites
  • Build or add to your Google plus personal page websites in the contributor section to use the authorization feature which will add your picture next to your results in Google. This should increase the conversions and reportedly improves your rankings in Google.
  • Add Google Plus authorization and publisher codes to the website and or blog to complete the authorization process

The difficulty of the above work will depend on how the website was developed.

I normally charge between $300 – $600 (it depends on how the site was built)
I would need ftp access and we would have a phone call to review this information.

The price would include:

  • Adding a blog (wordpress if possible)
  • All the above changes/corrections
  • Any training you (or your designee) would need from me to add to and maintain the basic information on the blog area.

Social Media sites are NOT included in the above price. They are approx $65 each and you must supply the content (bio info and pictures)

One very important rule that you can follow is that Google take plagiarism very seriously, it doesn’t matter if you own the material or not, do not use content (text) that is already on the web. Call text must be unique. Pictures can be copied and reused but text should not be.